Great Family Fun In Worcester County, Massachusetts

Worcester County, Massachusetts is one of the most attractive parts of the United States. It offers enormous opportunities for families to visit and have some wholesome fun.

this one of the most interesting places in the region – and it also one of the best places for families to enjoy each others company in a great environment. There are simply so many attractions to explore.

If you enjoy the great outdoors places like Hopkinton State Park is the perfect venue for that day out with the kids. With Kayak hire available and plenty of well marked trails to take that perfect stroll it is great to enjoy the outdoors on a summer day. Even as winter is about to set in an Autumn walk is wonderful – even if just to see those wonderful leaves change color.

If you feel the need to discover more the natural beauty of this wonderful area then a visit to Upton State Forest should be on the cards. Here families will find a pet friendly place where you can explore the wonders of nature or take a biking trail to spend a day outdoors.

If you really want to explore the natural habitat around Worcester County then you should set aside some time to visit. 400 acres of unspoiled wilderness gives visitors the most insight into what this area used to look look before humans arrived on the scene. Hiking opportunities are incredible – and the opportunities to see local wildlife are wonderful.

For those who want to kick back and relax after a long day exploring the surroundings of Worcester County there are always the local dining establishments – and there are some great choices.

Worcester has actually gained a great following as a dining destination. Ever since 2016 the reputation of the area as a gourmands paradise has been growing.

For those who want to explore the tastes available in Worcester places like the ‘The Hangover Pub’ are simply great. A slightly eccentric take on food sees this venue give everything the bacon treatment. Bacon infused vodka anyone?

For another fun experience visit ‘Deadhorse Hill’ where you will experience fantastic service and a level of customer service that should be a lesson to every restaurant in the United States. Great seafood and a variety of protein packed dishes based on pork and beef. Try the ribs or the Southern fried chicken. You simply will not regret your choice.

Visit Worcester County, Massachusetts and have a great day out – and a great meal afterwards – you’ll be glad you did.